Upgrading Ourselves by Learning Together. Adventure #3

Hello Seekers!!
Before starting today’s post, I would like you to have a glance at my latest work. I have been working on this one for a few weeks now. Though it looks too easy, it involves too many layers. It is unfinished and needs some more efforts. Therefore, to get my dose of motivation from you guys, I am showing it off here.

It’s an image of a rusted car in the forest. I still have to grow a tree into one corner and add more layers to the car.

Guys, do comment, like and help me gain enough motivation to finish this painting before the year ends.

My adventure with writing is still going on and in a very few days, I will be posting my new work.

So seekers, coming on to our today’s rendezvous, I would like to take you to another journey with me. This certainly will be more vigorous than any of our previous adventures. Also, this one is different from our current genre of work. Besides, I also have a selfish emotion for taking you guys along on this mission. And, that is, I get anxious and tend to quit midway if I go on such roads alone.

Therefore guys, without creating more horror in my story, I would like to introduce you all to our latest project. We will be learning together, a new domain of science, that is Machine Learning.

I am a biologist and am using it at my defense. I have bare minimum knowledge of data science and machine learning. However, current technological trends force me to believe that they hold quite a significant role in the future.

Honestly, this is not my first attempt to learn Machine Learning. I have struggled with various online tutorials and courses earlier to get hold of this field. But, everything is so out of my domain and requires tremendous efforts that mostly, I quit after a week or two.

Therefore, I have decided to start again but not alone. Every 2-3 days, I will document my learning here. I will share as much as possible. We can study together and discuss as we proceed. We can set the pace as we move.

We will begin tomorrow and with the book given below. It is an amazing book for learning the basics and getting familiar with the terminology. I also happen to have it as an ebook, so any of you willing to have it can let me know. I will send it via email.

So guys, let us get together to upgrade ourselves and walk the path of success. Lastly, keep commenting and motivating to bring out best in everyone around us.

Published by Life's No Serendipity

I am actually a researcher by profession but my heart beats for creativity. I am super passionate about finding the correct form of it. It can be writing, painting, travelling, music or something I haven't explored yet. This blog is my journey towards finding myself.

One thought on “Upgrading Ourselves by Learning Together. Adventure #3

  1. So true, I too end up using biology as a shield when somebody throws some math on me.
    A yes, definitely a go-to-book if you want to smoothly slide into the world of stats and data science.

    Liked by 1 person

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