Hello Seekers!! As promised, today I will take you on a trip with me to Greece.

Greece treasures – thousands of exotic islands, assorted beaches and perfect locations to observe spectacular sunsets. I was lucky to witness some of the unbelievably beautiful spots of this picturesque country.

Culturally rich and physically magnificent, Greece is the perfect amalgamation of beauty and abundance. For many, its pristine white buildings, vibrant blue doors, colourful ornamental vines of bougainvillaea and sparkling blue waters are symbolic “Greek beauty”.


Officially, Greece opens for tourism in April and the perfect time and weather to visit Greece are from mid-April to mid-June and from September to mid-October. 


Greece experiences a Mediterranean climate which is pleasantly warm and ranges from 12ºC to 26ºC from April to May and 15ºC to 26ºC during September – October.


The best way to reach Greece is through the air. Rail and road connectivities are good for surrounding countries like Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania etc.  

First, reach Athens via air and then easily commute to different islands via ferries. Pre-booking always helps!!


Greece has a well-established and connected transport network for the internal commute. Buses are available and can be booked online. Hop on hop off (HOHO) buses are there for city tours.


Well, that is something that varies with the budget and personal choices. So, I won’t be commenting on where you should stay but for sure will let you know where I stayed during my trip. I believe that a good stay is the most important part of a trip and so I am quite selective.

I had a good budget and wanted luxurious hotels, where I don’t have to worry about anything, so I opted for the following-

In Athens, I stayed at Electra Metropolis. The stay here was luxurious and comfortable. The staff was polite and super co-operative.

In Mykonos, I stayed at Petasos Beach Resort & Spa. The resort was a boutique hotel with infinity pool and a spectacular view. The stunning sea view and the super private and relaxing ambience made it one of my favourite spots of the trip.

In Santorini, I stayed at Lilium Hotel. This too was quite luxurious and comfortable. 


It is always better to travel light. If you are planning to visit from April – June, the weather is mostly warm during the day and pleasantly cool during the evenings. A few short dresses and accessories are enough.

During the day, go for comfortable and airy dress items like shorts, midi, miniskirts, crop tops and vests etc. Pair the short dress with the sun accessories like sunglasses, a hat and a scarf. Unless you are planning a romantic dinner or date, don’t go for high-heels, a pair of good sneakers or any sort of flats will be both comfortable and elegant for roaming around in Greece.

For beaches, we need some swimming sets and sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must while you are roaming around in Athens during day time from April-June. The weather is generally humid and warm. 

The evenings are pleasant and don’t require extra work, a light jacket will suffice the need.

If you are planning to visit during September-October, the weather will be pretty much towards cooler sides and it’s better to carry jumpsuits, onesies, jackets and long skirts. Sunscreen is must even in this season. Other sun accessories like scarf and hats are optional but it is always good to have them.

A small portable umbrella should always be there with you. Though it is always good to check the weather before leaving the hotel but still to escape those occasional unpredictable drizzles, umbrella is must.


A short trip to Greece of about a week is enough to visit Athens and a couple of islands. But to visit more than this you have to take out substantial amount of time. Greece is a treasure of beautiful locations and has several things to visit.

I went there for a week and visited Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. These three are the main tourist attractions and should not be missed. I stayed for two days at each of these locations and left for home on day 7.


I began my trip with Athens, the capital of Greece and took a HOHO tour bus for touring the city. We covered the following places on our HOHO tour –


So I took the bus from the Panathenaic Stadium, which is known for being the stadium where first-ever modern Olympics were played. This huge stadium has enormous seating space and is one of the important tourist attractions.

The Panathenaic Stadium as on April 2018.


I then boarded the bus and went on a guided tour. The next destination was the Parliament House, Athens. Here we saw the famous ceremony of “changing of guards”. The official ceremony with the official customs takes place every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. and people assemble at Syntagma Square to watch it. 

The Parliament, Athens


The next stop was Acropolis. This beautiful and archaeologically significant structure dates back to 5th century BC. It has building remains of various ancient buildings, the most famous of which is Parthenon. The Ancient Agora, the Roman Forum, Kerameikos, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus are the other ancient structures connecting Acropolis to the city. The Acropolis gave a spectacular view of the city. This is another universally renowned locations in Athens and is a must for every tourist.

Me at Parthenon.
View of the city from Acropolis.


Next, we visited the Acropolis Museum which is yet another very famous structure among tourists. It is a glass and concrete structure that is beautifully constructed and reveals the excavation site below. It houses numerous ancient artefacts and Parthenon sculptures. A guided tour here gives a detailed insight of structures within this museum.

Acropolis Museum 
Excavation site at the museum.


My second destination after Athens was Mykonos. From Athens I took a catamaran ferry to Mykonos. Mykonos is an island from the Cyclades group located in the Aegean Sea. The ineffable beauty of this place made it my favourite destination of the complete trip. 

Soaked in the beautiful blue and white, the architecture here was breath-taking. The first day here was mostly leisure, enjoying private beach, wine and swimming pool. 

My beautiful hotel in Mykonos
Blending with the pristine white decor of Mykonos.
The private beach at my hotel that makes way to the infinite pool in the sea.

The beauty of this place was heavenly and a sight to behold. On the second day here I went to the following places-


These are the famous beach destinations in Mykonos. The experience at both these places was very calming and comforting. I spent the complete afternoon getting relaxed and tanned and then I headed to Kato Mili. 

Getting tanned at the PARADISE BEACH


A group of windmills on the famous landmark of Chora Hill. A spot for scenic beauty. After Kato Mili, we headed to our penultimate destination of the day.


A destination synonym to heaven for ladies. This street has a collection of various designer stores and boutiques of accessories, apparels, handcrafted items and much more. After an intense shopping session, I moved to the last stop of the day and of our stay in Mykonos – Agios Ioannis.



This place was party hub and had global music playing from English to Hindi to Greek. I had a crazy and most fun ending to my Mykonos trip. I then headed to the last destination of the trip – Santorini.

After a tiring dance session at beach party.

From Mykonos, I took a high-speed catamaran ferry to the third and final destination – Santorini.


It is a brilliant blend of beauty and drama. Fira (Thira) and Oia are the two of the most famous towns of Santorini. These are outlined by the deep blue sea filled volcanic crater. The spectacular blue colour of the sea outstretches the beauty of this place. On day one of Santorini, I went to Fira and covered the following –

One of the iconic blue domed churches of Santorini.


This volcanic crater was formed 3,600 years ago due to volcanic eruption that left a deep cavity which is now filled deep blue sea. 

Mesmerizing Blue Sea filled in the crater.


A ferry and a mule ride took me to the cliff-top town of Fira. One can also opt for stairs or cable car instead of the mule. Fira is the capital of Santorini and has blue-white houses, narrow lanes, blue-domed churches and several houses converted to small hotels, restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops, boutiques and crafted-jewellery. Beautiful olive trees and several olive wood item shops decorate the town of Fira.

Mule ride to Thira.
Buildings turned to beautiful boutiques in Thira.


Dating back to 9th century, Ancient Thira is a site where one can see ruins of administrative buildings, theatre etc.


I took a tour boat to the volcano bay from the old port of Fira. A guided tour took me to the top, where I saw the active volcano. Next, same tour boat took us to Palea Kameni.

The site of active volcano.
Exploring the site of active volcano.


The island of Palea Kameni is home to famous mud baths formed due to volcanic eruptions. At the bay of Agios Nikolaos, the temperature of the water ranges from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Here, tourist can take the healing bath. The boat then took me back to Fira.

Hot spring, open for a swim.


Towards the top of Fira is a museum that displays the archaeological findings from Ancient Thira. The museum exhibits clay figures of animals, ceramic pottery among various other items.


Santorini is known for giving excellent sunset views. Therefore, I took a stroll of Fira and fortunately found the best spot to witness one of the most sought-after views of all time.

Sparkling sea during sunset.

It was getting late after sunset, so I ended my tour for that day. After a boat and shared shuttle bus ride, I reached my hotel and enjoyed the remaining time at the pool with the wine.

The next day, I took a ride back to Fira as I had to visit the beaches.


A bus or boat from Fira can take you to the beautiful Red Beach resting at the foot of the spectacular red cliff wall. 


A few kilometres from Fira, there is a beautiful black sand beach. It is a long stretch of fine, black volcanic sand. Numerous seafood outlets and restaurants overlooked the beach. I relaxed here for the leftover time and then took a bus back to my hotel.

The rocky black beach.


Some must-try dishes in Greece include –

  1. tzatziki – a yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip. It goes well with falafel and almost anything.
  2.  taramasalata- a fish roe dip.
  3. Grilled meat and Moussaka (lamb dish).
  4. Olives and olive oil dishes.
  5. Fresh Seafood.
  6. Baklava – a dessert, goes best with honey.

And last but not the least


No trip is complete without the presents for the dear ones. These are a few items that you can buy as gifts when in Greece.

  1. The first and foremost is – the olive tree products, like olive oil, olive tree wood pens, boxes, jewelry etc.
  2. Ouzo- The Greek alcoholic appetizer, consumed before or with meals.
  3. The Kompoloi or worry beads can be worn as a piece of jewelry and is believed to be a mean of relaxation and stress therapy.
  4. A backgammon set – A checkered game played by people of all ages.
  5. Handmade leather sandals
  6. Handmade soaps and oil
  7. Handmade ceramics
  8. Evil-eye catchers
  9. Dream catcher

So guys! this is it. I tried to cover the most and have uploaded the unedited actual clicks here for giving you the true picture of this beautiful country. I hope you guys will like it. Waiting to hear from you all, keep inspiring and motivating. Loads of Love.

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