Vatican city: A Sacred and Amusing Dimension of Beauty.

Hello Seekers!!

The trip today will be short but fun. Since the past few years, I have been reading Dan Brown. His writing is pleasantly unique and absorbing. But for me, more than the cast and story behind his novel, the beautiful locations he chooses are more engaging. Whenever Robert Langdon chases a clue in US capitol or finds some lost symbol at Washington Monument, I could see myself being at these locations and living their beauty. One such Robert Langdon location is Vatican City. In Angels and Demons and Inferno, one could see the inviting description of this beautiful country.

My trip to Vatican City was brief, but it left me with eternal love for the place. I was there for just a couple of hours, but even a little bit of this holy city could keep you hooked for ages. Though I didn’t cover much, I can assure that every place here is worth a visit. The breathtaking artistry fills every inch of this place.

The solace that this place offers is far beyond one’s imagination. I have shared a few images to describe the perfection of this graceful location.

Entering Vatican with a huge smile.
St. Peter’s Basilica
St Peter’s Square
Maderno fountain
Calm and Serene
Decorated Streets
Spanish Stairs, Rome
A dream destination of a Shopaholic in Rome

And not to miss, an absolute delight to my palate.

The most authentic pizza, I have ever had. (Rome)

This short trip left me awestruck. Hope you will like it too. Do let me know your views, in the comment section below. Loads of Love!!


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