A concoction of half-baked thoughts and dreams

Triggering my efforts, pulling them extreme

Road not clear and goals still misty

My vehicle all strong but its wheels twisty

My empty vessel waits for rewarding showers

Full of scuffle and pain, yet empowered

Thrusting, bursting but never rusting

My dreams inexorable, not meant to be adjusting

Content is mysterious, its presence defying

Rest or race, both are terrifying

So jus’ turn up the heat and add some lime

Stir your thoughts and give dreams, a perfect cook this time


Published by Life's No Serendipity

I am actually a researcher by profession but my heart beats for creativity. I am super passionate about finding the correct form of it. It can be writing, painting, travelling, music or something I haven't explored yet. This blog is my journey towards finding myself.

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