Daily Blog1: Fighting Anxiety by Resuming Writing

Hello Seekers,

How have you been? For those who are wondering where was I missing…I was finishing up my PhD and I am glad to announce that I have finally submitted my thesis. So that’s the most exciting news from my end. Last few months were full of diverse emotions. I was happy as I was nearing my PhD completion but at the same time I was having anxiety issues. I started having sleepless nights where I kept on wondering about my next steps. Where should I opt for postdoctoral training? Should I do postdoctoral training or should I snooze studies a bit and start my family? Should I look for positions in India or abroad? Everything made me more anxious and I became my own nightmare. I skipped family gatherings, calls with friends, hanging out with colleagues because apparently I was too tired from all the self doubts I had and trust me overthinking is a very exhausting process. So anyway after a lot of therapeutic sessions with my family members, meditation and self help books I became sober again. My mind was getting a detox, I stopped overthinking on any issue and above all I dissolved all my expectations. And this gave birth to a version of me I never knew before. I was thriving, being happy and fresh all the time. But this all was short lived as soon as I took a break from my daily rituals of meditation and reading self help books, I restarted the battle with my mind. It started playing same games again and in every game I was a loser. Now although I know what I have to do to evolve from this sinkhole I lack the energy to do so. Therefore, I made a new route to reach the same destination of serenity and sanity. I am resuming things I love to do i.e. writing, painting, learning new skills etc. And to accomplish this I have decided to start blogging daily. It’s not gonna be about what I did whole day rather it’s gonna be about seeking ways to change our approach towards various daily issues of our life such as anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety since a long time and I have tried a lot to get out of it. Sometimes I am able to find a way out and then live anxiety free for a while and after sometime the ghost of anxiety recaptures my mind and makes it negative, regretful and ungrateful.

So right now I am still sitting in the laps of anxiety but I am trying to getup and take my steps away from it. Resuming writing is my way of moving away from it. If you also are dealing with such demons, join me and I will hold you and help you to leave them behind and live life on your own terms. Hope I could write every day as decided. Let’s keep a check on each other. Do let me know about your demons and we will fight them together. Write to me and till our next meet up keep your mind free of worries. Loads of love ❤️


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I am actually a researcher by profession but my heart beats for creativity. I am super passionate about finding the correct form of it. It can be writing, painting, travelling, music or something I haven't explored yet. This blog is my journey towards finding myself.

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