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Hi Seekers!!
My name is Geet and I am from India. I am currently pursuing a PhD degree in ‘Cancer Drug Discovery’. Growing up, I was one of those kids who develop an interest in everything that comes across them. Some of these interests left a deep impact on me. I wanted to have my career in them, but who am I kidding. I ended up doing science and research. As I grew busier with my profession, I almost forgot about the interests that once made me so passionate about them. Not long ago I realized that I am living a fake life. To be true to myself, I have to pursue my passions. This blog is my journey to my true self. Come be a part of it. You may find your true self in the process.


Inside me breathes an artist. I have special feelings for music, flirted with colors and have romanced with writing. But like most of my peers, I too am caught in the “meaningful” and “worth” career. And so you can tell, I am in a fake relationship with my work. Thus, I am recording here my endeavors in finding my one True Love. So, here starts my ride towards self-discovery. It might get bumpy or slow or even boring sometimes but, I hope not to stop before, it finishes.

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