Hello Seekers!! As promised, today I will take you on a trip with me to Greece. Greece treasures – thousands of exotic islands, assorted beaches and perfect locations to observe spectacular sunsets. I was lucky to witness some of the unbelievably beautiful spots of this picturesque country. Culturally rich and physically magnificent, Greece is the perfectContinue reading “A BEAUTY SO DIVINE: GREECE”

Adventure 4 # Exploring World.

Hi Seekers!! How are you all?It has been a while since we last met. My PhD was keeping me hooked and didn’t allow me enough time to blog. Anyway, the current COVID-19 situation has given us a chance to think about our life choices. We need to have a tenacious grip on our thoughts andContinue reading “Adventure 4 # Exploring World.”

Upgrading Ourselves by Learning Together. Adventure #3

Hello Seekers!!Before starting today’s post, I would like you to have a glance at my latest work. I have been working on this one for a few weeks now. Though it looks too easy, it involves too many layers. It is unfinished and needs some more efforts. Therefore, to get my dose of motivation fromContinue reading “Upgrading Ourselves by Learning Together. Adventure #3”

There is more to life Adventure #2 – Writing

Hello seekers!! How have you been?In my previous post, I shared my love for painting and also gave you guys a visit to my very own art gallery. My latest artwork is on the verge of completion and will be out for you very soon. Meanwhile, the advent of this blog helped me realize, myContinue reading “There is more to life Adventure #2 – Writing”


Inside me breathes an artist. I have special feelings for music, flirted with colors and have romanced with writing. But like most of my peers, I too am caught in the “meaningful” and “worth” career. And so you can tell, I am in a fake relationship with my work. Thus, I am recording here myContinue reading “WHO AM I??? WHY I WISH TO EMBARK ON THIS JOURNEY??”