Adventure 4 # Exploring World.

Hi Seekers!! How are you all?
It has been a while since we last met. My PhD was keeping me hooked and didn’t allow me enough time to blog.

Anyway, the current COVID-19 situation has given us a chance to think about our life choices. We need to have a tenacious grip on our thoughts and should look for positive.

I seriously want to dedicate much of my time to things that genuinely matter to me. Though I can’t leave my PhD, due to “obvious” reasons, I am now determined enough to extract maximum time for things that I love. I received a few emails from you guys. I am so thankful to you all for motivating me to resume blogging. So, here I am with a new adventure where I will take you all on a ride with me to amazing places around the world.

I have been to several beautiful places in the last two years. I want to share my experience and cover most about these places. So that if ever you guys plan to visit these places you know where and how to go about it.

I will be starting with my experience in “Greece”. I went there in 2018 and experienced a completely different and spectacular world there. In my next post, I will share the beauty of this gorgeous country.

So, guys stay tuned and do go through my next post to explore the beauty of Greece. Once again thank you for all your support and motivation. Loads of Love.

Upgrading Ourselves by Learning Together. Adventure #3

Hello Seekers!!
Before starting today’s post, I would like you to have a glance at my latest work. I have been working on this one for a few weeks now. Though it looks too easy, it involves too many layers. It is unfinished and needs some more efforts. Therefore, to get my dose of motivation from you guys, I am showing it off here.

It’s an image of a rusted car in the forest. I still have to grow a tree into one corner and add more layers to the car.

Guys, do comment, like and help me gain enough motivation to finish this painting before the year ends.

My adventure with writing is still going on and in a very few days, I will be posting my new work.

So seekers, coming on to our today’s rendezvous, I would like to take you to another journey with me. This certainly will be more vigorous than any of our previous adventures. Also, this one is different from our current genre of work. Besides, I also have a selfish emotion for taking you guys along on this mission. And, that is, I get anxious and tend to quit midway if I go on such roads alone.

Therefore guys, without creating more horror in my story, I would like to introduce you all to our latest project. We will be learning together, a new domain of science, that is Machine Learning.

I am a biologist and am using it at my defense. I have bare minimum knowledge of data science and machine learning. However, current technological trends force me to believe that they hold quite a significant role in the future.

Honestly, this is not my first attempt to learn Machine Learning. I have struggled with various online tutorials and courses earlier to get hold of this field. But, everything is so out of my domain and requires tremendous efforts that mostly, I quit after a week or two.

Therefore, I have decided to start again but not alone. Every 2-3 days, I will document my learning here. I will share as much as possible. We can study together and discuss as we proceed. We can set the pace as we move.

We will begin tomorrow and with the book given below. It is an amazing book for learning the basics and getting familiar with the terminology. I also happen to have it as an ebook, so any of you willing to have it can let me know. I will send it via email.

So guys, let us get together to upgrade ourselves and walk the path of success. Lastly, keep commenting and motivating to bring out best in everyone around us.

There is more to life Adventure #2 – Writing

Hello seekers!! How have you been?
In my previous post, I shared my love for painting and also gave you guys a visit to my very own art gallery. My latest artwork is on the verge of completion and will be out for you very soon. Meanwhile, the advent of this blog helped me realize, my other, yet very passionate love – ‘Writing’. I have admired works of classic authors like Leo Tolstoy in Anna Karenina and War and Peace and Jane Austen in Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, to name a few. These authors have a very engaging style of writing which kept me hooked in their novels and wondering after. These writers have made time travel possible for me. When with Jane Austen, I experience the English households in the 1800s and with Tolstoy, the diversity of his work from illustrating Russian culture in Anna Karenina to his critical historical accounts of war struck Russia in War and Peace. So, guys, you might be wondering why am I throwing knowledge about good reads on you. This is because good reading takes you to good writing.
Good reading does not always include classic authors. This is all about personal preferences. I enjoyed the Harry Potter series as much as I enjoy self-motivation books by Rhonda Byrne and Charles F. Haanel. So, the choice of genre is personal and there is no claim as to which one is better than others. The point is to keep learning from the masters of the art.
Before, this blog I have tried my hands on various online competitions on writing. But frankly, so much talent is out there that I felt a need for subtle improvement in my writing style. Below is one of the many poems that I wrote. I am sharing it to motivate you guys to explore your hidden talents as there is nothing to lose here. I am a very immature and amateur writer but certainly not a scared one. So, guys, if you are not exploring your talents because you are scared of opinions then I advise you to forget others for once and live for yourself. Trust me it gives immense pleasure.
Lastly, below is the piece I wrote, leave your comments on it and share with me the work that you might have attempted once but are shy or scared to share. This platform is meant for us where we share our work or excerpt from it to motivate many others out there.

This is my poem “SHE”, about women in my country..

My First Blog Post

Help me discover myself, you might discover yourself in the process !!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

To all the seekers out there…Hi!! I am also a seeker like you all and am starting my journey to explore my potentials. As the journey is more significant than the destination, I want to share the whole process, from start to the end. Therefore, I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


Inside me breathes an artist. I have special feelings for music, flirted with colors and have romanced with writing. But like most of my peers, I too am caught in the “meaningful” and “worth” career. And so you can tell, I am in a fake relationship with my work. Thus, I am recording here my endeavors in finding my one True Love. So, here starts my ride towards self-discovery. It might get bumpy or slow or even boring sometimes but, I hope not to stop before, it finishes.