A plight of a research Scholar

In the field because of our mind Bruising ourselves to climb to the highest point Envisaging one of the toughest degrees in our prime A decade or more invested to reach this joint Get paid in peanuts, but we still try to suffice Our only delight is to get paid on time But some “diligent”Continue reading “A plight of a research Scholar”



A concoction of half-baked thoughts and dreams Triggering my efforts, pulling them extreme Road not clear and goals still misty My vehicle all strong but its wheels twisty My empty vessel waits for rewarding showers Full of scuffle and pain, yet empowered Thrusting, bursting but never rusting My dreams inexorable, not meant to be adjustingContinue reading “HaLf-BaKeD”

Vatican city: A Sacred and Amusing Dimension of Beauty.

Hello Seekers!! The trip today will be short but fun. Since the past few years, I have been reading Dan Brown. His writing is pleasantly unique and absorbing. But for me, more than the cast and story behind his novel, the beautiful locations he chooses are more engaging. Whenever Robert Langdon chases a clue inContinue reading “Vatican city: A Sacred and Amusing Dimension of Beauty.”

Are you a “True Feminist”?

Hello Seekers!! Today, I want to discuss something that is hovering over my mind from a past few days. I am a woman in my 30s, married and have a full-time job. But does this makes me independent like my peer male fellows? Lately, I came across a debate on Feminism on a social platform.Continue reading “Are you a “True Feminist”?”

The Masks I Wear

Hey Seekers!! Today, I want to do another exercise in the process of self-discovery. Till date, my introduction resonated quite a lot with the audience’s taste. I even have developed interests and qualities that define the successful and reputed. Though I know, I don’t literally enjoy many of them.  One such interest is reading. IContinue reading “The Masks I Wear”


Malaysia- it gives you drama, entertainment, serenity and beauty, all at once. A perfect blend of contemporary and ethnic styles, it gives you a ride into the magnificent infrastructure without losing the hold of the calm sea. I visited this exquisite country in April 2019 with my husband Shubham, on the occasion of my 1stContinue reading “A TRIP TO MALAYSIA: THE ADVENTURE OF NATURE”

Adventure #1- Painting

Dear seekers, I have already introduced you guys with my love for colours therefore, I will be exploring the domain of painting in my first endeavour. Just for the record, I have never painted before using acrylic colours and canvas. The maximum I have tried in my childhood is watercolours and drawing sheets. So, thisContinue reading “Adventure #1- Painting”


Hello Seekers!! As promised, today I will take you on a trip with me to Greece. Greece treasures – thousands of exotic islands, assorted beaches and perfect locations to observe spectacular sunsets. I was lucky to witness some of the unbelievably beautiful spots of this picturesque country. Culturally rich and physically magnificent, Greece is the perfectContinue reading “A BEAUTY SO DIVINE: GREECE”